Khu Đô Thị Splendora – Chủ Đầu Tư Splendora

A new breeze is coming to Vietnam. Vietnam is in the midst of an evolution into the newest powerhouse in global urban development. And a great city is being born with a lifestyle never seen before in Vietnam. Splendora, a name that brings the world’s attention. Your dream and your home. North Ancon Splendora. In a truly global encounter that reaches beyond Asia. Vina Conax and Pasco ENC join hands in partnership that will open a new era for Vietnam.Founded in 1988 and employing over 26 thousand

people in seventy subsidiary corporations. Vinaconex is Vietnam’s largest state corporation. Vinaconex has constructed most of Vietnam’s largest and finest facilities. Such as the Vietnam Hilton Hotel, the Malaya Hotel, Tranghaw Nanchin New City, Trang Tian Plaza, Langhoa Lock Highway, now it engages its most ambitious project, North Ancon New City, Pasco ENC, Korea’s most admired construction firm. It was Posco ENC that was behind such grand projects as the Diamond Plaza in Ho Chi Minh City. And the 517 hectare international business complex. Forming the heart of international city.

The first city complex of its kind in Korea. Pasco ENC is a giant in Korean construction industry that created many of Korea’s largest projects. Such as the Dongton Metropolis in Paso. The residential complex in Santom City in Busan. Now, Vina Conex’s massive potential combines with the know-how possessed by Posco ENC and together, they will create Splendora in North Ancon. The brand new complex city in North Ancon is ready to raise Vietnam’s competitive power.

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The Lang Hoa Lock Expressway running through Hanoi’s western development corridor in Splendora to the heart of Hanoi. Splendora will also help the city of Hanoi to expand its economic infrastructure far to the west and south along the Lang Hoa Lock Expressway. Splendora is newly born as the heart of Vietnam. Splendora also has a global business center which will be the symbol of Splendora. Splendora will stand in the heart of a world-class business that will grace North Ancon and become the pride of Vietnam. You can enjoy the unique privilege of Splendora by enjoying the facilities for business, education, cultural activities, and facilities like hospitals and hotels as well at one place.

You can the world-class lifestyle at Splendora. Besides apartments, villas, terrace houses are built with eco-friendly concept. Splendora also offers a variety of shopping facilities. A lakeside shopping arcade that brings the latest global trends. Various cultural facilities that offer the fragrance of blooming art. An ecological park where sports and leisure can be enjoyed in peace. An international school with world-class programs. Complex facilities for the rich life. Enjoy the global lifestyle at North On Con Splendora. Everyone will have an envious look at you. New York, the world’s financial capital. Paris, the city of fashion and arts. And there’s Splendora in Vietnam.

The heart of a new global lifestyle. Splendora will be remembered as a world-class city everyone would want to live in. It is where people and nature coexist in harmony. Splendora offers a life of perfect well-being that you dream of. Ecological Park will help you have a healthier life by enjoying sports facilities and breathing fresh air in the nature. Children learn about the world at the international school and you can see global trends at our shopping arcade. Enjoy a scenery filled with artistic imagination as you take a casual stroll at Splendora while you bond with your neighbors to create a splendid community. Splendora is also attracting companies and people from around the world.

Replete with cutting-edge IT infrastructure. Splendora be the gathering place of leading global companies. A dream becomes reality with global lifestyle. A world-class lifestyle in a global community. If there is a life you have dreamed of, it will come true at Splendora. Splendora will raise the competitiveness of Vietnam and help improve Vietnam’s international standing. Beyond Vietnam and Asia, it is now born to a new complex city that the world will have an envious look. Your dream and your home. North Ancon Splendora.

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